1. Bangladesh (January 7th): The 12th parliamentary election in Bangladesh will take place, determining the composition of the 300-seat parliament.
  2. Taiwan (January 13th): Taiwan is set to hold its eighth direct presidential election, featuring a three-way contest for the presidency.
  3. Pakistan (February 8th): Elections in Pakistan will be held to elect members of the 16th National Assembly, shaping the country’s legislative landscape.
  4. Iran (March 1st): Legislative elections are scheduled in Iran, marking four years since the previous election in 2020.
  5. Russia (March 15th-17th): Despite the ongoing situation in Ukraine, Russia is slated to conduct presidential elections. Vladimir Putin is expected to participate in the elections.
  6. India (June): India will witness Lok Sabha elections, concluding the current tenure of the lower house of parliament.
  7. United States (November 5th): The year 2024 will culminate with the presidential elections in the United States, a critical event that will have global repercussions.

These elections cover a diverse range of countries, each with its unique political dynamics and issues. The outcomes will not only impact domestic policies but also have implications for international relations, trade, and global stability. It will be interesting to observe how these elections unfold and the subsequent effects on the global geopolitical landscape.