Web Check redefines open-source intelligence, empowering users with comprehensive insights into website infrastructure and security. In this article, we explore how Web Check revolutionizes website analysis, its key features, and plans for enhancement.


1. Comprehensive Analysis

Web Check offers an in-depth exploration of any website’s inner workings. Users can identify potential security vulnerabilities, scrutinize server architecture, inspect security settings, and explore employed technologies.

2. User-Friendly Dashboard:

With an intuitive dashboard, users gain access to a wealth of information, including IP details, SSL chains, DNS records, cookies, headers, domain information, and more.

3. No-Frills Accessibility:

Unlike similar services, Web Check is entirely free and devoid of signup requirements, tracking, logging, or advertisements. Users can deploy their instances effortlessly.

4. Rapid Report Generation:

Web Check automates the data collection, collation, and analysis process, providing users with comprehensive reports within seconds.

5. Continuous Improvement:

Creator Alicia Sykes is committed to enhancing Web Check’s capabilities continually. Plans include expanding data insights, developing new checks, and introducing a public API for seamless integration.

Alicia Sykes, the mastermind behind Web Check, explained, “When investigating websites or servers, whether for OSINT purposes or out of curiosity, certain checks are fundamental. These include domain registrar records, SSL chain, server details, page lists, and tech stacks. While individually accessible, collecting, collating, and analyzing this data is time-consuming. Web Check automates this process, delivering a comprehensive report within seconds, without any unnecessary information.”

Future Plans:

1. Enhanced Data Insights:

Sykes aims to expand Web Check’s data offerings to incorporate emerging insights from the evolving web landscape.

2. Public API Integration:

The development of a public API will enable seamless integration of Web Check into researchers’ workflows, enhancing accessibility and usability.

3. Performance Optimization:

Continuous efforts to optimize performance will ensure efficient utilization of resources, enabling Web Check to remain cost-effective and accessible for all users.


Web Check stands at the forefront of open-source intelligence tools, providing users with invaluable insights into website infrastructure and security. With continuous improvement and a commitment to accessibility, Web Check is poised to revolutionize website analysis for users worldwide.